Dúnmore Head -Dingle Peninsula

A few weeks ago I traveled to the Kingdom of county Kerry to the Dingle peninsula. It was a cold and wet Friday for the month of July. The Dingle peninsula is arguably the most westerly part of Ireland and the western end of it is a Gaeltacht (an Irish speaking area). It is an incredibly beautiful part of Ireland and all around the coast of the peninsula are vista after vista. The 1970 film ‘Ryan’s Daughter’ which is set not long after the 1916 Easter rising was partially filmed in a village on the Dingle peninsula.

Saturday proved to be a much more agreeable day and so I set off early on the Slea Head drive which encompasses most of the awe inspiring scenic parts of the Dingle peninsula. I don’t usually like to take many photos in the middle of the day but on this trip I felt that the weather could turn nasty at any time and I wanted to take as many shots as possible.


Dúnmore Head  

The first stop was at an old thatched famine cottage in an area called ‘Fahan’ which I believe is part of ‘Ventry’. It had been restored and is now a mini museum of how the local people lived in the mid 19th century. I was very struck by the horses, donkeys and ponies that where casually grazing outside. It’s very common to see equine animals in the west of Ireland and they make great subjects for my photographs  The cottage was wonderfully restored and apart from the occasional dressed up manakin it was actually very believable.

Just opposite the cottage is the famous Dúnbeag promontory fort which has been there since the Iron Age. In a recent storm a section of the fort actually fell into the sea due in part to erosion and part to the storm. I didn’t really take a lot of photographs of the fort as it is very flat to the ground and difficult to shoot. I did capture some dramatic waves crashing against the cliffs below though. I will post those at a later time.

There are quite a few promontories or ‘heads’ as you travel the Slea Head drive. By far my favourite is Dúnmore Head. I captured this shot just as the clouds started rolling in from the Atlantic. In all the places in Ireland that I have travelled it still astounds me what natural beauty I have still to see and photograph.

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