The October Storm

In the early hours of an October morning in 2013 a major wind storm hit the east coast of Ireland. I was lucky to be living in a beautiful penthouse apartment in Dun Laoghaire at the time and I awoke to hear the rain smashing against the windows. As I looked out I could see the waves crashing high over the sea wall but I noticed they were at their highest at the old abandoned public baths. I quickly got my camera gear and rushed out.

The wind was terrific as I struggled to make my way to the seafront which was only a few hundred metres away. I saw that I was not the only photographer with the same idea. Many of them were totally soaked by the waves that were engulfing everything in their path. There were two things on my mind. Firstly was my own safety and second was protecting my camera.

I climbed up onto the wall of the old baths which in reflection was most likely a very bad idea. Struggling to keep my balance in the wind and pulling the hood of my parka right over my camera I took this shot. It was published a few days later along with some other frames that I had taken in the Dun Laoghaire Gazette newspaper.


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